Physical Therapy (PT) & Self Care (SC)

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People are literally not in the loop these days when it comes to knowing the benefits of physical therapy (PT). From my experience at my workplace (Sports Rehab LA) there is this misconception that PT is only necessary if there is an injury, accident, or some type of recovery is needed. WRONG! There is this whole concept of PRE-HAB (haha, instead of RE-HAB), also known as “Maintenance”.  Basically what I’m saying is that you don’t have to play a sport or do any vigorous activity to benefit from PT.  People don’t realize how much they put their bodies through. For example, we are constantly overusing our muscles and joints by engaging  in activities of daily living (ADL). 

Have you ever gone home after a long day of work and just wanted to knock out? That’s a prime example of your body being completely drained and overused to the point where it’s begging for rest.  Now with that visual in mind, imagine if you did preventive work ( PRE -HAB) at least once a week, do you think your body would be as exhausted after work? Probably not. Here are the modalities that will keep you feeling good and rejuvenated :

Electric Stimulation: This is when electrodes are placed on a specific muscle group to massage/stimulate/relax those specific muscles.

Electric Stimulation

Soft Tissue/Manual Therapy: This is a process where the PT doesn’t use any tools.  Rather, the PT uses pressure with their hands, palm, and forearm to sooth away muscle stiffness/soreness. 

Soft Tissue/Manual Therapy

Graston Technique: These are specially crafted metal tools specifically designed to break down scar tissue and direct blood flow to the muscle.


Graston Technique

Cupping: With the use of these professionally made glass cups, fire is held inside these cups briefly then quickly placed on the client’s target muscle. The cup then sucks up the skin which draws stagnant blood to the surface allowing adequate circulation to that specific area.

Young woman practicing yoga, touching toes in apartment

Stretching: Combination of the PT stretching the client’s muscles and telling the client what stretches to perform.


A combination of some or all of these will have you feeling brand new.

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Author: Leo K. Magardechian, BA, PT
Published March 1, 2020

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